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Happy 2017

‘A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song’
Maya Angelou


The past year yet again has been filled with wonderful people, some personal challenges, beautiful travel and inspiring moments.

Working and writing on my first book ‘In praise of shadows’ has been/ and is amazing in every way imaginable.
I hope to share the final result and many more other stories, with an equal amount of passion as always, in 2017.

For now, wishing you a happy and love filled new year.

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Warm wishes

It’s end of the year and the final days of 2013 and I’d love to wish everyone a very happy holidays  and a wonderful and inspirational new year.

The  past year has been so intense both professionally and personally, an amazing year filled with wonderful encounters, stories, emotion, art, photographs, music, dance, …

I made this little video with some of these encounters and it’s a fun and different way, well my way of saying happy 2014.

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-13 om 10.03.47

Yet while I’m writing this, I’m very conscious that not everybody had a great or interesting year and will still have hard times ahead of them. In particular I’m thinking of a fellow photographer Tom.

Tom has been documenting the hellish road he, his wife and their two babies are on. (His blog is only in Dutch but you can see his wonderful photographs and get the point for sure) While 6 months pregnant Tom’s wife Lore got diagnosed with acute leukemia and is still undergoing intensive treatment. She delivered a wonderful baby boy Kamiel, a cute baby brother for their first child Leon. And now, on top of all this… little Kamiel is very sick as well and his life fragile and at the moment in control of lots of machines.

My dad passed away over 20 year ago due to leukemia as well and that, together with Tom’s story, made me decide to finally become a stem cell donor in the past year. I do hope you’ll take the time as well to consider informing yourself about this and possibly signing up to become a donor too.

So I just wanted to send a special message of strength and light out to Tom and his family. I’m thinking of you, together with so many of your family, friends and strangers like myself and I hope it makes you feel a little less alone.

Happy new year everyone!

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