Slide #1

I’m very proud to present Slide #1.

With some friends, I’ve founded Bending The Frame vzw, a new non profit organization that will search for new ways and create different platforms to bring great photography out into the world.

For Slide #1, we’ve asked photographers Sébastien Van Malleghem and Eva Wollenberg to make a slideshow presentation of their work and think about the concept slideshow. We match them up with the amazing musicians Aldo Struyf (Creature with the atom Brain, Mark Lanegan Band), Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona) and Roel van Camp (Dez Mona, DAAU) who either created new music especially for the evening or will preform a live soundtrack along the images. A unique experience.

Afterwords and in between performances DJ Faster PussyKat will spin records and make everyone pur on the dance floor

Hope to see you all there in helping me launch this new venture.


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KAOS postcard auction

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Last year, I was a part of the wonderful exhibition ‘Return to sender’ at Wiels, organized by KAOS.

101 well-known and lesser known artists sent an original postcard of their own making to KAOS, a Brussels-based non-profit organization aiming to break down the barriers between insiders andoutsiders in art and psychiatry. These unique postcards were shown last year in WIELS and will be auctioned to support the artist residency in psychiatry, that KAOS will organize this autumn for the first time in Belgium.

Now it’s time to auction off all our postcards.

The auction will take place in the beautiful Rotonde Bertouille in Bozar/Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels and will be led by Marianne Hoet on behalf of Christie’s. The works will soon be accessible via the KAOS website and you can see them on Saturday, October 3rd (10:00-18:00) and Sunday, October 4th (10:00-15:00) at Bozar.

Would you like to participate? Then register HERE.

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Zuidpool @ TAZ

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

Tomorrow ‘Theater aan Zee’ will open in Oostende and this year it’s curated by Theater Zuidpool.

As one of their house photographers, a few of my images will be exhibited along with those of my colleagues at kaffiebar bij Familie Jansen.

Besides that, painter Stijn Dierckx will create a live painting during the festival based on his ideas and my photographs. A must see as this is a unique moment to watch a new painting unfold in front of your eyes.

See you in Oostende this weekend!

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Moonie’s daughter

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

How a story I’ve been working on, all of a sudden became close and personal… Many of you already know that for the past 7 years I’ve been working on photographing maternal health stories in Pakistan. As a woman, I became interested in photographing the lives of women here and intuitively I ended up working on the theme of motherhood. I saw women give birth in hospitals or in the home of a traditional midwife. I witnessed emergency c-sections, fistula repair operations and surgery on prolapsed uteruses. I traveled all over the country from Karachi, Lahore, the interior of Sindh, the border of Baluchistan, Swat valley and flood camps to the desert areas of Mithi to document various aspects of maternal related issues. The sad fact is that a huge number of women and babies are still dying unneccesarily in Pakistan due to lack of proper healthcare infrastructure, lack of skilled staff, use of traditional customs by dai, remoteness of their village, etc etc… I thought I’d experienced everything, but today has really got me in tears. During this trip, I’m staying with my host family, who all are doctors, mostly gynecologists, and who have been my guide and support in the past years. The experience is and has been heartwarming so far and gave me a totally different view on life here. You become a part of the household and slowly start to get to know the whole family and the staff working here. And the fun thing is that everyone starts to get to know me too. Moonie, our cook, for instance knows of my addiction to the incredibly tasty Pakistani mango by now and with love sets the table and cuts a piece of this delicious fruit for me. 8 days ago though, after breakfast when we were trying to communicate in our simple way, as we both don’t speak each others languages, she was called outside. A family member had come bearing bad news that something happened to her daughter in Hyderabad and that she had to come immediately. Returning in the house, I saw the shock and fear in her eyes as she scrambled to get her things together. Later that day I heard the awful news that her daughter, who was full term pregnant from her 3rd baby, suffered complications and both mother and baby died… I don’t know yet the particulars of what exactly happened, but today as I was sitting on the terrace reading the newspaper, I saw Moonie returning to the house. I followed her in, where we hugged each other. It was an intense and devastating hug, Moonie crying from the depth of her soul… Feeling her pain, I couldn’t stop my tears either… For the first time in all these years, with seeing and experiencing many upsetting moments, this time it really hit home and became real and very personal. The numbers of maternal deaths that pop up in various rapports by ngo’s all of a sudden got new meaning, as one of these numbers now is Moonie’s daughter… In this moment I feel utterly helpless… I’m not able to do anything for Moonie, I’m not even able to communicate and tell her how sorry I am. Yet I hope that all the work I’ve been doing here, will make a difference in the coming years, will educate people about the situation here and will slowly improve the conditions in which women give birth here…

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Pakistan revisited

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

I’m back in Pakistan revisiting some friends and to photograph on some stories that I worked on in the past. The blog will not be much updated as much during this time, but you can always follow me on my instagram feed for an online diary in the meantime and thus get a glimpse of my adventures here. Enjoy!

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