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Sick of it all

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Belgium has been rocked by extreme violence last week, with the brutal bomb blasts in the airport and metro of Brussels, killing and wounding so many people.

After following the news that day in what felt like a haze, making sure all my friends living and working in Brussels were safe, I knew things in Belgium will never be the same again. From now on there will be a before… and an after…
I won’t let fear stop me from taking another flight at Brussels airport and when visiting friends or places in town, I will still take the metro. But in the back of your mind, a thought will always, ever so slightly cross your mind…
Will I be safe…

And then today… Another heinous suicide attack in Lahore, Pakistan, killing at least 69 people, wounding hundreds.. mostly women and children. Targeted specifically on this day, Easter, against the Christian Minority of Lahore.
Another attack in a countless number of them that Pakistan has known over the years, where we don’t really hear world leaders speaking up.

Again religion being misused by extremists, to kill human beings who are enjoying an evening out in the park with their families, friends hanging out, generally people having a good time, not hurting anyone. Gone…

I’ve come to know many Christian families in Pakistan and photographed for a while in a Christian community in Islamabad a few years ago. And what I always try to do in all my work is show the person in my photographs. A humanity, shared humanity, so we don’t focus on our differences, but on what we have in common. Rich or poor, black or white, Muslim, Christian or Atheist, in the first place we are human being who want the same things in life.

Why?  How can they kill in the name of anything really? On the basis of another God you worship? Another color of ones skin? Another language you speak? What makes them decide they have the right to choose that another life, another human being is not worth living and you can just kill them off? Just like that…

I’m just so sick of it all…


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KAOS postcard auction

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-10 om 14.53.59

Last year, I was a part of the wonderful exhibition ‘Return to sender’ at Wiels, organized by KAOS.

101 well-known and lesser known artists sent an original postcard of their own making to KAOS, a Brussels-based non-profit organization aiming to break down the barriers between insiders andoutsiders in art and psychiatry. These unique postcards were shown last year in WIELS and will be auctioned to support the artist residency in psychiatry, that KAOS will organize this autumn for the first time in Belgium.

Now it’s time to auction off all our postcards.

The auction will take place in the beautiful Rotonde Bertouille in Bozar/Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels and will be led by Marianne Hoet on behalf of Christie’s. The works will soon be accessible via the KAOS website and you can see them on Saturday, October 3rd (10:00-18:00) and Sunday, October 4th (10:00-15:00) at Bozar.

Would you like to participate? Then register HERE.

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The build up

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen                                                                         © Mike Michiels

Today was the first day in the build up of the exhibition ‘Intuition’ at vzw Kaos which will open today. Together with Lieven en Mike, we got the exhibition prints in the room and are now starting to put everything up on the walls. As usual this always takes way more time then you think, but it’s also a fun way to get a feel for the actual room and to get everything right.

Even though we are opening tomorrow and still have a lot of work to do, I’m really excited and sure it will all work out with an amazing result. And thanks to Mike I didn’t need to test my fear of heights on the giant ladder but just got to take souvenir photos of it…:)  Thank you Mike!!

So you are very welcome tomorrow evening at vzw Kaos, Opperstraat 73, 1050 Elsene.

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And just as one exhibition/projection ended, here is the invitation to another one I’m participating in this year.

The opening is on the 15th of May and a special nocturne with music by Chantal Acda is on the 21st of May. Make sure not to miss this, as Chantal will create new music inspired by the work of Lieven and me.

I’ll be presenting work from Pakistan, Lieven from in and around Brussels. Distinctively different but with intuition as a common guide in our way of looking around and photographing the world around us. Hope to see you in Elsene on one of these days.


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