PVDA+ election night

On election day I went to the Zuiderpershuis where the supporters of PVDA+ gathered to see if their main candidate Peter Mertens would be elected into parliament.
It was incredibly close, and even with many more preferential votes to his name then various 130 people now voted into parliament, he didn’t make it because of the way our system in Belgium works…

When he arrived in the room, the applause was immense. Peter was dignified, the speech graceful and thankful, and in the room many sad faces and tears.


© Wendy Marijnissen


© Wendy Marijnissen


© Wendy Marijnissen


Weekly Magazine Knack published one of my pictures of that evening. Sadly again no mention of my name and the picture was very cropped. So here the original alongside a picture of how it was published on paper.




© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

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2 thoughts on “PVDA+ election night

  1. Photographers putting their soul into their work don’t even get mentioned and have to ‘mention’ themselves. You’re right. It’s a shame!

  2. stefaan vandorpe says:

    ‘t Is inderdaad soms triestig Wendy. Is mij ook al overkomen. (ben wel geen beroeps). ‘t Is niet om mijn naam te doen maar dat ze hun eigen naam erbij zetten vind ik toch erover. Krant HLN.

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