Rise of Populism update


© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

We’re in the final week of our Rise of Populism in Europe exhibition in de Melkweg in Amsterdam (NL).  You can still go see the work until the 4th of May, so if and when in Amsterdam, do go and have a look.

I’ve revisited the exhibition and for the second time in the run of our exhibits, people feel so strongly about the work, that they will physically take some sort of action.

The first time in Utrecht, a woman slashed my image on the announcement cube in the city center of Utrecht. This time a person, I’m assuming a woman, wrote with lipstick on the gallery wall pointing to read the document below which is a part of a video on Hungary.

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

It’s a bit scary yet wonderful to see how our work is affecting people, so much so that they want to take action, literally it seems. And that is exactly what we want of course. Create discussion, make people interact with the work and with each other, have people think about what is happening in our countries, in Europe.

To end this update post, more wonderful exposure in the press. Yesterday our work was featured in the ARTE evening news on tv as well. And as I wrote earlier, in the run-up to the European elections, ARTE’s website has each week been featuring one of our photographers, showcasing their country and topic in a multimedia presentation. My work on the veil and Belgian burqa ban is on there as well.


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