Pakistan|Every Woman Counts by Wendy Marijnissen

And the second post on Saadia’s wonderful blog on my work in Pakistan. This time the ‘Every women counts’ presentation I made. Take a moment to have a look and do continue discovering Saadia’s great blog on women, women’s rights, Pakistan and much much more.

The Human Lens

With fast growing militancy, Pakistan has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world. It struggles under a corrupt political regime and a system that largely depends on feudal customs. The women face an array of problems and gender discrimination that stems from birth. Even today, most families welcome the birth of a son as compared to a daughter. More than often, cultural practices hinder women from making the choice in partner and having any say on sexual reproductive rights. Most pregnancies are unplanned and women face live and death during child-birth.

Wendy Marijnissen visited Pakistan for the first time in November 2009 with the intent of addressing these different women’s rights issues. Soon after meeting Dr. Shershah Syed, a gynecologist and women’s rights activist, she decided to focus her attention on the maternal mortality and childbirth alone.

Seeing the challenges that these women were facing with…

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