The rise of populism in Europe exhibit – Utrecht

© Andrea Gjestvang

© Andrea Gjestvang


This coming Sunday the 1st of September is the opening of our exhibition ‘The Rise of Populism in Europe’.

Curated by the wonderful people of Fotodok and with some amazing work by photographers: Nico Baumgarten (DE), Tinka & Frank Dietz (DE), Andrea Gjestvang (NO), Rami Hanafi (FI), The Prism (GR), Jan-Joseph Stok (NL/FR), Ed Thompson (GB), Maria Turchenkova (RUS), Dirk-Jan Visser (NL) and myself Wendy Marijnissen (BE)

Surprised and concerned by rising populism in their own country,  Dirk-Jan and Jan-Joseph decided to investigate the phenomenon and joined forces with the group of European photojournalists,  mentioned above, to explore populist shifts in their own backyards.

The extreme-right English Defence League; the influence of social media in Germany; unrest in Hungary; the impact of the (Greek) crisis; human rights violations in Russia; the legacy of a Norwegian lone wolf; the Belgian burka ban; and the influence of the Front National on French society; the face of the Italian electorate – each photographer approached the populist developments in their country from a different angle.

Together, the resulting stories present a nuanced picture of the contemporary political and social landscape in Europe. At the same time, they give an insight into the complexity of the concept of populism and its many faces.

I hope to see some of you there this coming weekend. Welcome!

Zijdebalen Theater, Zeedijk 6, Utrecht, The Netherlands


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