Wish upon a star

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

Yesterday was a perfect day to look up to the sky and do some star gazing and look out for some ‘falling stars’ with a meteor shower peaking for a final night.

“Shooting stars” and “falling stars” are both names that describe meteors — streaks of light across the night sky caused by small bits of interplanetary rock and debris called meteoroids vaporizing high in Earth’s upper atmosphere. Traveling at tens of thousands of miles an hour, meteoroids quickly ignite from the searing friction with the atmosphere, 30 to 80 miles above the ground. Almost all are destroyed in this process…

I had found a beautiful park, what I thought was a perfect spot, here in Ronda, where earlier in the evening I watched an incredible sunset. I however didn’t count on the fact that the park closes at midnight and while the guard was locking the gate right in front of my nose, I had to go in search of a new location.  I didn’t manage too well and the spot wasn’t ideal with the city lights  way to bright.  But I did in the end manage to see 3 (not catching them on photo though) and did make my wishes.

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