Teen drinking




Today’s tear sheet is of two of my images in newspaper De standaard for an article on teenage drinking and a proposal to change the legal drinking age from 16 to 18 years old in Belgium as well, following an adjustment to the same law in the Netherlands this past week.

It was a fun assignment but a challenge at the same time… Turned out most of the students, especially the under 18 year olds were still studying for their final exams and thus nowhere to be found on any of the terraces or in any of the student cafés around town. But in the end I found a few girls enjoying their beer and the start of their summer holidays 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Teen drinking

  1. stefaanvandorpe says:

    Toevallig, allemaal dames? 🙂

    • Toeval idd en ik heb ook wel jongens gefotografeerd, maar die heeft te redactie niet gekozen. Ik was al blij dat ik überhaupt jongeren op terrasjes kon vinden, meisje of jongen. De meeste hadden nog examens en zaten nog netjes achter hun boeken thuis denk ik 😉

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