Mother’s love

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

Today worldwide we celebrate our moms and even though my mother has long since passed away, I still celebrate this day with her in mind as she was an amazing mom to my sister and me. Showered with an abundance of love, we received a strong base that helps me through life to this day. What gift to have gotten…

During my work, I’ve come across some amazing mothers as well. Especially in Pakistan I was fortunate enough to witness the strong bond between a woman and her child.

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

Hamida remains the woman that has stolen my heart. From the moment we met, we made an intuitive connection and she allowed me into her life. I was able to see how she went through the final weeks of her 4rd pregnancy, living in a tent camp with the rest of her family after having lost everything in the flood of 2010.


© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

Or Nazia, the woman in the picture kissing her daughter Rabia, who is about to undergo a c-section to deliver her first baby. I met them in Thari Mirwah, a small town in the middle of rural Sindh. The doctors I had been working with, were on a surgical camp tour across the Sindh province, coming to places where usually skilled help or sufficient equipment and medicine is hard to find.

Rabia was incredibly lucky that day and was able to deliver her baby safely with the help of the visiting doctors. In normal circumstances she would have been very likely to have had serious complications during her delivery or even die during childbirth…

Nazia stayed with her daughter during the night, watched her like a hawk, waved a fan to keep her comfortable, making sure her daughter was alright.

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

And lastly I want to show you one more incredible mother I met. Jamila, mother of Sobia.  At 19 years old, Sobia was brutally raped and then murdered a few streets from her home by a neighboring boy who went to school with her and who’s marriage proposal she refused.

The social stigma involved in rape is extreme in a conservative, highly religious and patriarchal society like Pakistan’s.  Living next to the mosque complicates fighting for justice in Jamila’s case even further. She is being blackmailed and harassed into dropping the case against the rapist who abused and killed her daughter. Yet she is so brave and fights on despite the pressure from her neighborhood.

It’s just a small tribute and there have been so many wonderful mothers that have crossed my path. Too many to mention here…But I wish all of them a very happy and beautiful mother’s day.

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5 thoughts on “Mother’s love

  1. luc dewaele says:

    Dear Wendy, you are perfectly mirroring your mother, looking at the picture.

  2. wat Luc zegt… 2 druppels.
    Mooie post. Heel mooi!

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