Petition to end child marriage

This and next week the UN Commission on the Status of Women is meeting in  NY. This year they will focus largely on acts of violence against women and girls, of which child marriage is one too.

A day before International Women’s Day, the World YWCA, wants to hand the Commission a petition on thursday, urging the commission to adopt a special resolution to end child marriage by 2030.

You have two more days to sign this petition and help out. (the petition closes at midnight on March 6, 2013! )

© Wendy Marijnissen

Children getting ready to act in a play on International Women’s day in a school in rural Punjab. The play helps raise awareness in the community against child marriage which is by now forbidden by Pakistani law, but still common practice in many poor and rural villages © Wendy Marijnissen


‘Girls who marry young are likely to be subjected to physical and sexual violence from husbands many years their senior. Girls who marry young often become pregnant young, before their bodies are ready to withstand the rigors of pregnancy and delivery. That greatly increases their risk of death or injury during childbirth, as well as the risk to their own children. In fact, complications from pregnancy or childbirth are the leading cause of death for girls ages 15 to 19 in developing countries.’ quote from the ‘too young to wed blog’

Read more about child marriage on the blog Too young to wed by photographer Stephanie Sinclair, who for years has been documenting this issue  in all corners of the world and has recently teamed up with UNFPA to further raise awareness.


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