A garden in Afghanistan: Women, roses and guns

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen


In my winter newsletter I used the image above of the guard in the rose garden to recap on my year and wish everyone a wonderful new year. A day later I received an email of Lauren Wolfe of the Women under siege project. She was moved by the image and thought it was beautiful and mysterious. Could I tell her a bit more about how the image came about and could she post it on the website.

Well, she could and she did a wonderful post on it on the Women under siege website.

I hope you like the story on how this image came about. It’s a photo that means very much to me…. it’s like the embodiment of what Afghanistan meant to me after reading so much about it….it’s what I had pictured in my head of how it would be…

“When the tour was done, the dignitaries sat down for tea and snacks and my eye stumbled upon this young guard watching the whole scene from the background: very quiet, slowly night falling, very poetic amid the red roses in bloom. It reminded me of the many stories and books I read that mentioned this poetic quality to Afghanistan—a rough, tribal, male-orientated land, but where men will recite poetry or cherish a rose in bloom.”

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