Lena est la

Leen, who is the star in my sneak preview video  in Phase II of my Us/Them project, wrote a blogpost about doing our video interview and getting back to work after getting diagnosed and treated for breastcancer.

What still strikes me today about meeting Leen, was that I didn’t even think or consider she might have cancer. She is a young and incredible stylish woman and the 50’s style wrap she was wearing, was so fitting and a fashion statement for me. I loved her style and straight away asked her if she wore it often. She answered very tongue and cheek that she only did when she didn’t have any hair… 🙂  She blew me away straight away with her humor and honesty and I’m still very very happy she agreed to work with me on this project about the headscarf.

Check out her wonderful blog ‘Lena est la’ and get an extra sense of her wonderful style!

Us/Them – Leen – Teaser from Wendy Marijnissen on Vimeo.


And today it happens to be BRA day. National Breast reconstruction awareness day which is celebrated for the first time in Belgium. Raising awareness about breast cancer is so important and I hope everyone will take the time out to get more educated about it. Do check and learn how you can examen your own breasts, because early detection is often key in a successful recovery.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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