Meet Leen. A fantastic journalist and fashionista I met this year and was fortunate enough to work with for the second phase of my project Us/Them.

Us/Them – Leen – Teaser from Wendy Marijnissen on Vimeo.

I met Leen in a record store on record store day in the city center of Antwerp and was struck by her beauty and incredible fashion sense. I felt I had to talk to her and ask her if she wanted to be photographed for my project Us/Them or I would regret not doing so for the rest of my life. She was wearing a 50’s style head wrap that was so cool and totally owned the style.

She graciously said yes to my request and we first did a photo shoot at her home.  Besides photographs, I’m also making video portraits of which the little trailer is a teaser of what’s to come.

Us/Them is a project about the headscarf and muslim women in Belgium, but it’s also about the Us-Them divide in our society. With the portraits and videos I want people to get to know the women I’m meeting. With or without headscarf, flemish or foreign roots, religious or not… I hope people will listen to their stories and look at the woman instead of just seeing whether she wears a headscarf or not. At the same time it’s about showing the history and diversity of the scarf which we now seem to exclusively link to Muslim women, but is around in many different shapes and forms and used in various ways.


© Wendy Marijnissen

Last but not least, do check out Leen’s blog and follow her adventures in fashion blog land as well. It’s fun and inspiring. (Only in Dutch)

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