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The past three decades of war and chaos have had a devastating impact on Afghanistan and it’s people.
11 years after the defeat of the Taliban regime and the following war by the International Coalition Forces, Afghanistan’s situation remains dire and the state of women’s rights in particular is extremely poor…

© Wendy Marijnissen – A full term pregnant woman awaits her 9th baby in her mudd home in the refugee camp. Too poor and unable to get to a proper hospital, she will deliver the baby at home with the assistance of a dai. Coming from a small village in Kandahar province, they fled the constant violence and bombings. In debt now and with hardly enough food to feel all the children, they still choose the security of Kabul above the threat of violence in their home village. Kabul, Afghanistan, 2012

Women have made progress. Since 2001, more than 2 million girls have started going to school.
More than 3,000 midwives have been educated in a country where having a baby is still one of the most dangerous things a woman can do.
Nearly a third of members of Parliament are women, work as lawyers, teachers, and entrepreneurs.
Yet there are frequent threats against and attacks on female politicians and social activists.
There still are bombings and attacks on girls’ schools.
Women and their children are jailed for so called “moral crimes”, such as running away from domestic violence.

© Wendy Marijnissen – Most of the children, imprisoned with their mothers who are accussed of running away and other so called ‘moral crimes’, receive hardly any education at all while in prison. They are allowed to stay with their mothers up until the age of 7, but in reality many stay much longer. Faizabad, Badakshan, Afghanistan, 2012


© Wendy Marijnissen – The Afghan burqa comes in many colors. The color is an indication of what geographic part of Afghanistan the people come from. Blue is for the Kabul area, red and oker is for the Herat and Kandahar area,… Also the design of embroidery on the burqa will be a sign of the geographic location of the woman wearing it. Kabul, Afghanistan, 2012

With the planned withdrawal by the International Coalition Forces in 2014 and presidential elections in a very unstable, the situation will worsen for sure.  In particular for women and children, who always are most vulnerable in fragile situations.

You can see this work in progress online now and see what I worked on while I was in the country last July.

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