The fire

The fire

© Wendy Marijnissen

This photo is of auntie cooking on the outside fire.

All over Afghanistan this is how most women will cook their rice and prepare dinner. Under the Badakshan sky, filled with so many stars, I stood and sat next to auntie watching her cook. I love the image because it reminds me of the the beauty of that exact moment.  Without speaking each others languages (She speaks Dari and I speak Flemish and English) we understood each other.  As we sat on a small wall watching the rice boil and she put her arm around me, we knew exactly what was being said and I knew I was accepted into her family.

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One thought on “The fire

  1. luc dewaele says:

    Your portfolio is a real answer against the actual falsification in Belgian photography. Your pictures combat the ‘neutral’ and vulgar banality of the ‘work’ of Hannes, De Keyser, Depoorter and so many other people who are constantly promoted in all kinds of media. Please go on doing the things you do.

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