© Wendy Marijnissen

This weekend, news reached me that Rungsaaz, owner of a dyeing factory in Lahore, had passed away last January.

I had the pleasure in 2009, to be taken to the old city of Lahore by a friend and spend some time in the factory to see how the fabrics and threads are colored into the most amazing shades of the rainbow. From the moment we entered we were welcome and at home. Tea was served, processes of the work explained, and even though we were 3 photographers alongside the workers in a cramped space, they never gave us the feeling we were not welcome.

It’s still this kind of hospitality and generosity that I think of when I think of Pakistan. It’s the friends that took me to Rungsaaz’s factory, that made me feel at home in a country that was so different then my own and at first quiet intimidating.  It’s people that have nothing and still will offer you tea and cold drinks, will sit down and take the time to talk to you. It’s people that don’t know you and offer a place to stay in their homes because you are their guest…

Some of these images will be printed and exhibited in Rungsaaz’s factory and afterwords given to the family as a souvenir. Thank you again for your hospitality Rungsaaz. Rest in peace…

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen

© Wendy Marijnissen


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