Denise LaSalle in the recording studio © Wendy Marijnissen

While I was dancing away on the incredible music of  Sarah Jones and the Dap Kings yesterday during their concert in Utrecht, Holland, I told a friend of mine how the music reminded me of a great friend of mine in Memphis, Tennessee

And then today, out of the blue, Miss Patti calls me up to see how things are going…. talk about telepathy..

Without her,  none of my good images in Memphis would exist. And just like Hamida in Pakistan, Miss Patti and I made an instant connection when we met and the bond has continued up to this day.

Thinking about the incredible loss the journalism world suffered these past few days, the unbelievable violence that happens  in Syria and around the world, the role we all play unknowingly, angers me and scares me. Yet it’s about meeting people like Miss Patti, Hamida, Dr. Shershah and Dr. Sajjad, Zofeen, Maryam,  Zohreh, Hind, Souad, and so many more… it’s about sharing a human connection beyond the color of our skins, our religious believes, the countries we come from, whether we are male of female, young or old. And it gives me hope in these dark and grim days.

Gospel church service © Wendy Marijnissen


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