It’s the season

I believe it’s important that independent, documentary photography exists.
In our throw away society where images are plenty, in depth reporting can get lost. Taking your time to go deeper into a story became a luxury hardly anyone can afford.

I continue in my effort to tell stories that I feel are worth to be told.
Like the story of Hamida, who delivered a baby while she lived in a tent camp for flood victims in Pakistan.
Or the story of Jamila’s daughter Sobia, who got raped and murdered after refusing a marriage proposal from one of her neighbors.

© Wendy Marijnissen - Dummy of the postcard set

With this postcard set you can support me and help me continue documenting stories like the one about the dai in Pakistan.
The set will be printed and ready for shipping on the 15th of December. Each set contains of 5 images from the Looking for Dave series, 13x18cm and costs 10 euro + shipping costs. Payable via Paypal.

Around x-mas they’ll be available in the shop of the Photography Museum in Antwerp as well. There’s an exhibit of Peter Lindbergh at the moment worth checking out and you can pick up the cards in the shop along the way.

Order your copy/copies by sending me an email with your details (name, shipping address and copy amount) to:



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