Art schools in Lahore

Photo Saira Ansari © Wendy Marijnissen

A few days ago De Standaard published an article on the radicalization of young people in Pakistan, blaming America’s war on terror for this effect. In the article also the young artists from the National College of Arts in Lahore get a say and remind us that Pakistan has incredibly talented and free thinking spirits like anywhere else in the world.

I had the honor to meet so many of the along the way during my travels. The young artist Saira Ansari (pictured above in the article), photographer and Saira’s cousin Nariman Ansari, film makers Imran Babur and Shah Zaman Baloch. The wonderful kathak dancer Nighat Chaodhry and last but not least, Imran Nafees Siddiqui,  artist in every sense of the word without whom I wouldn’t have discovered so many beautiful people, places and moments during my stay in Lahore.




2 thoughts on “Art schools in Lahore

  1. Wendy I just bumped across this article quite by accident while I was googling information on my MA thesis!
    i wish I could understand what you’ve written but I absolutely love this photograph of mine. I miss this work…it got painted over later. Is it possible to find an English translation of the article?

    Anyway, hope you are well and still out and about on your adventures.
    Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to meet you and hope we can bump into each other again!


  2. Dear Saira,

    So great hearing from you!
    It’s been so long hasn’t it…. Hope you are still painting and making beautiful art to share with the world.

    I didn’t write the article myself and I’m not sure if there is a translation out there somewhere, but the articles comes down to this:
    For Americans Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world, but for Pakistani youth it’s America that has radicalized them. It’s of course talking about this radicalization but then tells as well that youth in the NCA think that Pakistani’s have become the biggest victims of the war on terror. That the violence increased, attacks on markets, religious violence, etc…
    That people abroad see Pakistani’s as terrorists as well and that the youth are victim of that, showing that there is a big liberal art scene in Pakistan that most people don’t hear or know about.
    That people just have fear. That the country has become unsafe for their own citizens…

    Your picture was to show a young modern artist and their work and it does state that you are not talking in the article, so in that sense it’s unrelated, but showing the youth we hardly see in our papers.

    Inshallah we’ll meet again in Pakistan soon.
    Big hug,

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