The birth of a bull

© Wendy Marijnissen - The birth of a bull

Two nights ago when I went to my little sisters’ for a sleepover, we went to visit their neighbors. I was honored to witness the birth of a baby bull.

After seeing so many babies being born in Pakistan and seeing the wonder of this process happen in front of me, it was the same honor and miracle to witness this with this cow. The contractions, the way the body of the cow is getting ready for birth, …

In the end she needed the vet and he performed a c-section. In the wild both mother cow and calf wouldn’t have survived, because the calf was too big and was turned the wrong way and couldn’t come out by himself.  This as well sounded so familiar to what I have seen in the hospitals in Karachi. And the same as with humans, animals are in need of skilled help as well at times.

Even so, mother and calf are doing fine and it was amazing to be able to see this birth happen. Thank you Hilde and Mark for allowing me to see this.


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