Gone up in smoke

© Wendy Marijnissen

The final hours of my recent trip to Pakistan…Yet again it’s been a roller coaster ride both emotionally and photographically.

Working on the topics that somehow seem to choose me, is not the easiest thing to do here. The cultural differences come into play and present a challenge to me. One day I’m up, the next I’m down. Not always will you be able to photograph the situations you know are there and you so desperately want to see, photograph and share. Which you so desperately need to tell your story.  Yet at the same time, it forces you to leave behind ideas, images and preconceptions you might have had and unconsciously are looking for in the images.

We seem to have become so focussed and motivated by the end result, that we often forget to enjoy the road we are on and the journey we are experiencing. On this particular trip, again I had the most wonderful encounters with some amazing people here. Some are old friends, some are new, but all have a place in my heart. The laughter and tears I shared with them is what makes me want to be and stay a photographer for the rest of my days.

The search for the Afghan Burka became hilarious to say the least…The spiritual Suffi guru in Lahore seemed to say the right things at the right time…experiencing what true friendships mean…

The time has gone up in smoke, it’s goodbye for now, insh’allah we’ll meet again soon.


3 thoughts on “Gone up in smoke

  1. wil says:

    prachtige woord en beeldcombinatie, this is it, “enchanting”

  2. That’s one thing about photography, especially being a photojournalist. I’ve been told that it’s a calling, not for the faint of heart. I envy you with your travels and experiences, still have the presence of mind to not get caught up in the moment and remember to photograph it all.

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