The train ride

© Wendy Marijnissen - A man stands waiting on the platform in the Lahore train station.

© Wendy Marijnissen - The breakfast served on the train from Lahore to Islamabad

© Wendy Marijnissen - Some passengers watch a fire in the last compartment while the rest are not aware yet of what is going on and why the train stopped

© Wendy Marijnissen - A little fire turned out to be a very serious fire and for a while it was feared that the compartment might explode

© Wendy Marijnissen - The local brick makers sit and watch the train that caught fire

© Wendy Marijnissen - Families watch on as their train was being extinguished by the fire fighters.

Yesterday’s train ride from Lahore to Islamabad turned out to be quiet an adventure. After ten hours (normally you reach the capitol city after 4,5 hrs) which started with a broken down rickshaw, a big fire of the final compartment, and jumping of the train just before reaching Rawalpindi train station and catching a taxi, I reached Islamabad safely. Travel in Pakistan is something else… 🙂


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