Departures and arrivals

The departures and arrivals signs driving up to the airport always makes me smile.

New roads and adventures lay ahead or loved ones come back from their own adventures around the world.

Travel somehow always brings you what you need and people cross your path that are needed in your life at that particular time. I don’t know what the universe was telling me yesterday while I was on my way back to Pakistan, but I had the most wonderful encounters with people in the transfer areas. One for instance was a Saoudi family on their way to Bangkok. The woman in full black hijab that I would never think/dream of speaking to, now told me in perfect English she was a teacher and she was accompanying her brother who was going to Thailand for a doctors visit. They talked about why they went to the hospital there, how old her children were, and asked about me, about my life and where I was going.

While I was enjoying the final leg of my flights in upgraded business class, I looked outside the window of the plane and felt so lucky and grateful to be able to have experiences like these in my life. And while reading Paulo Coelho, I’ll leave you with a quote of his that I love and wrote down to accompany me on this trip.

‘Live with no regrets and love with no excuses’ P. Coelho


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