Trying audio

I just wanted to share my latest multimedia piece with you.

This time I’ve been trying to use little bits and pieces of audio I recorded during my visits to Hamida. It has proven to be quite a challenge on it’s own. Every mistake you can possibly imagine making with recording audio and interviews,…., I’ve made them…

It’s been a very frustrating yet incredibly instructive experience at the same time. The thing I struggled with most though was the language barrier and if I can give any advice to other photographers out there, is get yourself a professional translator if needed. This will save you a lot of time and effort. The beauty, but in this case, the problem with language, is that people have a way of interpreting what someone says. If the person helping you is not a professional, they can tell you things your subject is not saying.

In Hamida’s case, I had a wonderful midwife with me who spoke Hamida’s dialect and who spoke English very well. While we were working and interviewing Hamida about the flood and about her previous pregnancies, I really felt she was sharing a lot and even talking about her feelings with me.  When later  a professional translator/journalist helped me with literally translating word for word what was said, it turned out she was not talking about her feelings at all.

It’s like falling and then getting up again. You know next time, you’ll do things differently and simply learn from your mistakes 🙂




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