The inspiring season

It’s the time to get in action. After a rest and cooking up new plans, even the grey weather is not stopping me from trying things and getting out there.

First of all, I’ve been going to see lots of exhibts and plays in the theatre again. That always inspires me greatly.

I’ve visited the Photography museum in Den Haag, Holland to see the Polaroid exhibit by Julian Schnabel. To be honest I did expect more of it and the only part I really liked were the portraits he made of old photographs of patients from a mental institution. There he got beyond the veneer, himself and his hollywood friends.

Then this week, I saw a few good exhibits here in the galleries of Antwerp, where every few months a nocturne is held and the majority of the galleries join in in an evening of opening their doors and showing new work. I really like the work of Luc Tuymans, one of our greatest painters ever. I cannot wait for his retrospective in Bozar this year. Somehow his work really captures the spirit of the time and especially of the country. It all feels familiar…

One real discovery for me was the work of Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, shown in the Maes & Matthys Gallery.  Called the photographer of death, she has been tirelessly documenting the Sicilian mob and their attacks on civilians. Using her work to publicly condemn the mob for their actions. Very simple black and white photographs, old school reportage, but what a breath of fresh air to be able to see this kind of work in the art scene that has become so conceptual and hard to understand.  This work made me think of both Weegee and Enrique Mentiendes, and at the same time it’s so different, even surreal and poetic at times.

All these artists, the books I’m reading at the moment, and the video documentaries I’m watching, are giving me inspiration. I’m not working on a new big project yet, but experimenting a bit more myself with images, sound and video.

It all made me to think about the 4 seasons for some reason, so I decided to sort of make my own interpretation of them. Visually I have the images in my head, so we’ll see if I can somehow get them on film and make something out of it. Here is a first try, which will not be part of the end result in this form. But you’ll get the feeling of where I want to go with this.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The inspiring season

  1. thisismariana says:

    I know you’ll have an amazing year, chica! Wishing you the bestest ever!

  2. Thank you so much darling. Wishing you the most amazing year back too. Sure you’ll do awesomely great 🙂

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