The Web #1

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you all had a great time celebrating the end of 2010 and welcoming the new year ahead.

I’m starting the year with a few links to some articles published about my work online.

The first is a link to the lens scratch blog where my photograph of Hamida was featured in their ‘My favorite images of 2010’ post. You’ll need to scroll down quite a bit to see it but might discover other great images along the way.

Next up are two parts of a four part interview session I did with the wonderful people of‘A safe world for women’. This ngo/blog is bringing together people and initiatives from all over the globe and discusses/campaigns and raises awareness about women’s rights.

The first part of the interview is about my work in Pakistan in general and giving a bit more of a background where I’m coming from as a photographer.

‘I allow myself to get emotionally involved; I think it shows in the photographs that I’m not just there to take some photographs and then leave. I hope people can see that I really care about these issues and the women in the story. If it affects me and if I care, maybe it will affect others as well.’

The second part of the interview very specifically is about Hamida and her camp pregnancy. This part gives more insight in how the contact with Hamida was established and how she affected me personally.

She means so much to me.’

I hope you like the first two parts. Part 3 is up already on my work in Palestine and you can have a look at it already on the website. But I’m going to make another post of it later on when the last part is ready and online as well.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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