Contrasting worlds

© Wendy Marijnissen

Talk about contrasting worlds.  One day you’re in Karachi, visiting Hamida in the camp for flood victims and the next you’re back home in Antwerp where snow and the freezing cold hits you like a hammer. It’s not just the weather that is so contrasting.

Every time after a long working trip I need some time to adjust to life back home. This time is no different. The contrast however is very big this time around because of the timing of the month. I’ve spent so much time with people who have lost everything they ever worked for because of the flood. They were now living in various camps in Pakistan, surviving with close to nothing and hoping to rebuild their lives when circumstances permit them.

Then you come back to a society where everything is provided and the holiday season is on it’s way. Shops are screaming to come in and buy presents for your loved ones for either Saint Nicolas or Christmas. People waiting in long lines to pay at the cashiers.  Getting another bottle of perfume or dvd of which we have plenty already.

Do consider instead of buying tons of  presents to donate to a charity that you like. I always donate money to MSF but there are so many others worth it.




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