Last night I was sleeping when at around 2.45am I got woken up and the whole room started shaking.

Because I was asleep and you wake up this abruptly you don’t realize immediately what was happening. But of course seconds later you know that this is an earthquake and you should be ready to get out of bed.

Not being familiar with this type of situations and not living in an area where these quakes happen frequently, you are slow in your reaction and thank god all ended well. Needless to say, I was a short night and you don’t really sleep that well afterwords anymore.

Traveling in Pakistan makes you aware of many things and  the security issue is always in the back of your head. The floods added another dimension to what can happen here, but somehow I forgot that earthquakes are possible too. Even though  5 years ago of course the huge earthquake caused many casualties and major damage in Kashmir.

As for now no damage is reported with the quake from last night, so I’m grateful that all ended well. I’m leaving for Karachi again today but might be returning sooner then I thought because of a possible first exhibition in Islamabad in 10 days. More details on that soon once things are finalized later today.


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