Rabia’s first

© Wendy Marijnissen

This week I found myself back in Thari Mirwah, a small town in upper Sindh that 6 months earlier I visited for the first time during a surgical camp held by Dr. Shershah Syed.

Conditions in this rural medical center are very bad and it seemed nothing improved or even got worse. The hospital is still not hygienic, the electricity comes and goes and the generator still doesn’t work. There are no real facilities to sterilize surgical equipment,… the list goes on and on.

I came across Rabia, an 16 year old girl pregnant and in obstructed labor for too long. She was scheduled to have a caesarean section the same day and was in pain. Her family around her supporting and caring for her but at the same time you could see the fear in their eyes.

Being illiterate and poor, this necessary surgery wouldn’t have been possible for Rabia in normal circumstances.  Not able to afford the care in a private hospital she would have had the delivery at home assisted by a dai (tradional midwife), with increased chances of a fatal result for either her baby or herself.
Skilled surgeons from Karachi, visiting the area during a surgical camp, performed the c-section and delivered a healthy baby boy.
You can see more of Rabia’s story online on my website.

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