The Jamshoro drama

© Wendy Marijnissen

I’ve almost been back in Pakistan for one week and already I’ve seen some devastating things on my return.

As you all know a little over a month ago floods have swept through Pakistan and has caused havoc throughout the entire country.

In Jamshoro, a little village close to Hyderabad, I came across this family unit and saw how this particular family was only just realizing what happened. Surveying the damage while the water had almost receded completely and figuring out what is left of their houses and belongings. As you can see in the photographs that sadly isn’t much at all. Besides some clothes (most covered in mold), some slippers and their cow everything got washed away.

While the doctors held a workshop on fistula and maternal health in the local university, they arranged a driver for me so I could go and photograph the scenes in neighboring villages. The driver that took me only spoke Urdu and so I have very little info on this family besides knowing they ware farmers and now lost everything they have. Sometimes though the way someone will look you in the eye tells the entire story and I hope these photographs will do so for you as well.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the road again, this time deep into interior Sindh and to the border with Baluchistan. I won’t be having any access to internet for at least 5 days, but promise to update the blog again soon after.


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