Au revoir Perpignan

© Wendy Marijnissen

Back home after a very nice but exhausting week in Perpignan for the Visa pour l’image photo festival.

Besides seeing friends that I haven’t seen for a long time like Munem Wasif and Bryan Denton. Dalia Khamissy, Maysun Ab and Mikko Takkunen were just a few of the new friends or people I met that I was already in touch with online via facebook etc. Great to see that we are all real people behind our profiles and wall posts.

The most beautiful moment for me personally was to once more be talking with David Douglas Duncan and his beautiful wife.  93 and still a twinkle in his eye when he talks about photography. His vivid mind, the recollection of stories of his experiences in the field are treasures. Do check out his amazing work!

The screenings, exhibitions and lectures were inspiring as usual, but I do want to specially put attention on the lecture by Brian Storm from Mediastorm. WOW is the simple word for it. The multimedia presentations these people are creating is mind blowing and moving.  With the whole industry talking about the death of photojournalism, the crisis in our business etc, the talk of Brian just proved me it’s not and that there is a bright future ahead of us all if we open our minds to different ways of thinking and working.

In short, it was a great week! Au revoir Perpignan, until next time.

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