Eddy’s coming back

Eddy Wally, a legend in Flanders, self proclaimed ‘Voice of Europe’ was someone I always wanted to photograph. Uber kitsch and part of the flemish heritage sort of speak.  A few years ago I finally had the chance and took the picture which you see here.

When I heard last week that he got unwell during the ‘Gentse Feesten’ I feared the worst for the 78 year old entertainer.  But oh no… he’s coming back. Today I read that he might even get back on stage later on next week during the ‘Feesten’ to continue his daily shows there.

I know a lot of people laugh at him and make fun on him. But to me he’s on of the genuine artists and a true believer in what he does. He simply lives and breathes entertainment and that is what makes him so special. He can get a crowd going like nobody can. So I’m happy he’s doing well and hope to once more get a chance to photograph him later on.

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