At the moment I’m sort of stuck on my couch, since outdoing my back during a painting craze.  So on doctors orders I’m taking it slow.

Yesterday I did receive my newly made postcards in the mail, and even though I wasn’t sure of the online print service I was using, the result turned out to be pretty ok.               This time I also kept in mind the advice of art buyer Heather Morton, who reviewed promo cards and gave her insight on the Chase Jarvis blog.

Next week I’m also going to do a little workshop on the ‘Final cut express’ program to get more into the whole multimedia experience.  On the one hand it’s very exciting and I’m happy exploring this new world. There are some amazing things being done with these new tools and a whole new visual language is emerging.  On the other hand I’m totally overwhelmed and rather scared of it all.  So many questions going through my mind at the moment and most importantly I’m wondering if it’s a good thing to try to juggle all these different tools at once. Will I loose focus trying to both photograph, get decent audio and shoot some video at the same time… etc, etc.

On top of that, the choice of gear is giving me many sleepless nights. It’s a bit overwhelming and since I’m a Nikon shooter, it’s harder then I thought. Most photographers seem to be using the Canon 5DMarkII for video… I’m secretly hoping this year will see the birth of a new and improved D700 that is both fullframe and has the video feature on it.  I want to really get into this and experiment, but for now, with all my doubts about what camera to go for, I’ll wait a big longer I think.


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